quinta-feira, maio 31

Willy Ramos, Pueblo Bello / Colombia - pintor contemporâneo

Retrata de Pepa

Flores para sonar

Colombian Landscape


Flores mirandose en el Espejo

Estudio de Frutas

Mujer con Chale

Taganga III

Born 1954 in Pueblo Bello, Colombia.
Willy Ramos is a Colombian-born painter who currently resides in Valencia. Though he immigrated to San Carlos from his hometown of Pueblo Bello, at the age of fourteen, the lush colour of his homeland remains a strong influence in his paintings and drawings. Willy’s large-scale paintings, with their exuberant colour, expressionistic mark-making and active surfaces, recall the paintings of such twentieth century masters as Kandinsky and Matisse. Though representational in terms of their subject matter, Ramos’ paintings function as abstract rhythms of light and colour, organized in harmonious compositions that are both balanced and energized.Willy Ramos paints an idea about nature, rather than a literal depiction of the flowers, landscape or figures before him. He renders form in a reductive, simplified manner reminiscent of the Fauves in France. Ramos studied at the Escuela Bellas Artes in San Carlos, where he now teaches and paints.
Born in Colombia, but based in Valencia, Willy Ramos brings his Mediterranean Splendour to Toronto with a collection of colourful oils and watercolours, all florals and beautiful women. A contemporary fauvist, Ramos is at his brightest with large scale still lifes or portraits of Toronto, but it is his soft watercolors, such as Retrata de Pepa, that seduce. There is an exuberance evident in his works, an energy that comes from the play of colour and light, that draws the viewer to share in the vitality.

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